Who is JOOMee?

There's lots of competition out there, so why should you partner with us?


JOOMee is a Small Business — Just Like You.

JOOMee offers a complete point of sale solution to streamline your small or medium-sized retail business. We support retailers with a turnkey solution so you have the hardware, software, and payment processing needed to improve checkout, create happier customers, and grow your business. JOOMee's 10,000+ customers are backed by our dedicated customer service team, including 24/7 US-based support.

We provide retailers with high quality, easy-to-use, plug-and-play point of sale solutions. We take pride in our ability to outfit businesses with industry-customized, all-in-one POS systems. Our wide range of products, low-cost delivery, and dedicated customer service combine to make us the premier provider of everything point of sale. 

JOOMee services small to medium retail businesses that need an all-in-one point of sale solution including liquor and wine stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, markets, tobacco shops, and more.

We Help Small Businesses Think Big

Our mission is to provide impeccable customer support in order to forge long-term relationships with each and every customer.

We’re going to make your life easier — that's the bottom line. It’s what we do and we're here to serve you.


10k+ Customers

We have helped over 10,000 retailers and specialty store owners improve their business’ productivity and efficiency.

All 50 States

We’re called JOOMee for a reason! From Hawaii to Florida, we have relationships with customers all over the United States.

Since 2001

We opened our doors in 2001, and have continually evolved our solution to keep pace with modern retailers. During that time, we've accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge to better serve our customers.

$2.5B+ Payments Processed

We're a one-stop shop for all of your point of sale and payment processing needs. See what JOOMee can do for your business.

Meet the Team

There’s no wizard behind the curtain at JOOMee. Just people who love what they do, get along with their coworkers, and are obsessed with providing the best customer experience. 
Cort Ouzts
Spence Hoffman
Vice President of Sales and Product
Ryan Bates
Vice President of Merchant Services
Will Atkinson
Vice President of Customer Experiences
Miles Ukaoma
Vice President of Marketing & Digital Transformation
Kevin Patel
Vice President of Bottle POS
Jim Fox
Director of Finance and Operations
Brian Sullivan
Product Specialist
Dan Albrecht
Product Specialist
Will Thomas
Product Specialist
Roy Patel
Product Specialist
Connor Prindle
Product Specialist
William Gould
Product Specialist
Kevin Hofer
Product Specialist
Matthew Jacobus
Business Development Manager
Sepaher Ghassemi
Business Development Representative
Nelson Guerrero
Business Development Representative
Kyle Holcomb
Business Development Representative
Chavez Bowman
Outbound Business Development Representative
Derrick Atkinson
Sr. Account Manager
Natasha Jackson
Sales Support Coordinator
Cerrin Blakeley
Merchant Onboarding Associate
Anna-Beck Panel
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Gina Obert
Senior Content Manager
Margaret Thacker
Pallavi Kenkare
Content Specialist
Nate Williams
Video & Social Media Specialist
Graham Hoffman
Digital Marketing Specialist
Kyle Monteiro
Senior Operations Analyst
Divy Patel
Customer Success Manager
Nish Patel
Customer Success Manager
Jay Patel
Customer Success Manager
Heather Hardaway
Customer Success Manager
Brad Gibson
Customer Success Manager
Prishi Jaiswal
Customer Success Coordinator
Amar Sidhu
Customer Success Coordinator
Cassandra Tatsak
Customer Success Coordinator
Josh Craddock
Technical Support Manager
Andrew Russo
Senior Technical Support
Johnny Bo
Senior Technical Support
Travis Trout
Technical Support
Katya Svera
Technical Support
James Underwood
Technical Support
Nate Plenzler
Technical Support
Soren Christiansen
Technical Support
Eren Telimen
Technical Support
Jonathan Deaver
Technical Support
Christiana Morales
Technical Support
Trevor Long
Technical Support
Don Harris
Technical Support
Bram Maher
Technical Support
Paul Nguyen
Technical Support
Arend White
Technical Support
Adam MacDonald
Operations Engineer
Scott Owen
QA Testing and Development
Duane Brennan
Fulfillment Manager