JOOMee for Retail vs. Epos Now

With Epos Now's fully cloud-based POS system, your speed and reliability are at the whim of your connection.

With JOOMee, the over 10,000 small business owners who choose us have the best of both worlds with a hybrid approach to their point of sale solution. 


How is JOOMee different from Epos Now?


Payment Options

Epos Now: Mandatory monthly fees for software, support, and warranty, plus upfront purchase of hardware.

POS Nation: Flexible payment options allow for upfront or monthly payments, with no long-term contracts.

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Epos Now: No rebates, refunds, or returns.

POS Nation: 30-day money back guarantee; month-to-month subscription option that can be cancelled at any time.

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Epos Now: 100% cloud-based, so you need a strong and stable internet connection to use the software.

POS Nation: Software can be used via the cloud or your local system; no internet required.

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Epos Now: Can be easier to use for small retailers who are new to the industry.

POS Nation: Advanced features and reporting may take time to learn for those less tech savvy.

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Epos Now: Has a cutoff number of items (2K at a time) you can upload to your inventory; non-flexible purchase orders.

POS Nation: Allows an unlimited number of inventory for upload; detailed and automated purchase order capability.

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Customer Database

Epos Now: Can do store credit tracking, but system for printing on account statements is below average.

POS Nation: Our database excels at management, including on account charges and statements.

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Remote Access

Epos Now: Completely mobile; can be taken to markets, pop-up shops, and other remote events.

POS Nation: Has mobile mode for off-site events, but not recommended for long-term remote use.

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EBT Processing

Epos Now: Processing EBT is a cumbersome, multi-step checkout process; clunky feature.

POS Nation: Seamless processing; automatic EBT-eligible total displayed when cashier makes selection. 

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Tech Support

Epos Now: After-hours support is routed to the UK; team serves a wide variety of businesses, so they lack deep retail experience.

POS Nation: 24/7 in-house support; team specializes in retail and offers years of industry experience.

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There's a Better Way with JOOMee

With JOOMee, everything you need to improve checkout and grow your business comes out of the box including hardware, software, and 24/7 support. Security, rich features, detailed reporting, and the best of both worlds with a hybrid approach comes standard. 
There's a better way.  

Local vs. Cloud: JOOMee Offers the Best of Both

We understand that it's critical your business not be at the whim of a spotty internet connection. Our system operates locally, but provides the information you need to make decisions 24/7 available through our cloud features. 

With the other guys, a spotty WiFi connection could mean dollars lost until your system reconnects.

Reliable 24/7, US-Based Support

Everyone offers support. But our best-in-class, 24/7 support and large variety of services means help is just a call away.

Our US-based, in-house support is the same team that sold you your system, so you can rest assured you're getting deep expertise for your business!


Features to Run and Grow Your Business

Purchase orders, customer management, and reporting are critical to any business' success. While Epos Now offers these features, with JOOMee all these features are managed through single screens, minimizing back and forth, and saving you valuable time. 

Purchase ordering includes pre-populated "Suggested Orders" based off of sales reports or "Understocked Orders" based off of reorder thresholds. 

Our deep reporting capabilities and linear customer management screens make it easy to find what you're looking for or dive deep into your data for greater insights. 


In addition to greater password security and two-factor authentication, JOOMee offers a hybrid approach: an in-store database with cloud-based features. This means critical information is available online, but your most sensitive information isn't vulnerable to online hacking. 

With Epos Now's fully cloud-based system and more relaxed security settings, unfortunately they cannot promise the same level of protection. 

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